What We Offer


We are passionately neurodiverse affirmative (for more information on what that means click here). We embrace individuals who are autistic or have ADHD or other neurodiversities and strongly believe these are differences, not difficulties . This means we seek to help those surrounding the neurodiverse individual to support those differences and are against trying to make neurodiverse people act more neurotypical. We do not provide behaviour modification assistance. We willingly support both neurotypical and neurodiverse individuals who are struggling with personal challenges or need help in reaching their goals.




Counselling is available for children, adolescents and adults and can be sought for any number of issues including depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties. anger management, emotional regulation or to provide support in reaching goals.



Assessments include cognitive and academic assessments, such as the WISC or WIAT, and assessments for diagnoses such as Autism and ADHD. Contact us or more information